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Training program for widow farmers

A two day training program (8-9th October 2012) carried by Nest of Hope Cameroon for widow farmers in pig rearing in the Fako District.  The main aim of this training program is to train some wVocational training centreomen on pig farming, marketing, business and farm record keeping and group dynamics. The beneficiaries are widows living in Ikata or came to settle in Ikata after losing their while in another part of the South West with the intention of carrying out farming and petty trading to take care of their orphans.

Cameroon, in the hope to fight against extreme poverty and hunger has put the agro pastoral sector in the first place in its priority list and in its development strategies.  At farmBut despite this, Cameroon is unable to encourage agricultural activities since Agriculture is considered a sentimental and cultural activity solely for rural people or a secondary activity. Those involved in practicing agriculture face many difficulties like lack of capital, land to cultivate and most especially lack of trainings. Due to these setbacks, farmers and women especially often yield less from their produce. In the agro pastoral sector, pig rearing is one of the most profitable and accessible sectors and adapted more to a local reality.

Small-scale pig farming plays an important role in the livelihood of many families in the developing world. In Cameroon and the Fako District in particular, most pigs are of exotic breeds and their crosses, and are concentrated mainly around Fako District and its environs. These areas have the advantage of favourable cliTraining with pigsmate perhaps conducive for intensive pig farming and farmers have easy access to markets. Local pig farming is a form of pig production system quite popular in southwestern region of Cameroon. In these settings, families keep an average of 1 to 2 indigenous pigs, these pigs are usually tethered or allowed to scavenge on their own. One of the animals that you are likely going to see when you enter these homesteads is a tethered or a roaming pig plus a few scavenging chicken. Pigs require minimal inputs in terms of family labour and feeding, perhaps an important motivation for farmers to raise pigs. Allowing pigs to roam freely is illegal and against the laws of Cameroon, however, farmers in study villages have continued to engage in local pig farming despite the governments call to confine pigs.


Orphans scolarship program

With A 40ft container shipped to Cameroon from Japan from the Crossroads Foundation worth  US$3524/ TOTAL GROSS WEIGHT of contents: 7646 Kg, Nest o Hope was able to support some few Orphanages, children's homes,  handicap centers etc...Nest of Hope giftsNest of Hope Container

Nest of Hope school offices

In Nest of Hopes’ endeavor to improve the lives of orphans infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS in the community, we have continued to partner with local schools to secure scholarships that enable orphans to obtain an education. An additional 20 orphans have been enrolled in this implementation year, bringing the total number of orphans under Nest of Hope’s  orphan sponsorship project to 50.

We have also provided school uniforms and scholastic materials to each of the orphans under this project.

While Nest of Hope is unable to fund the education of all the orphans in our community, we have recently started a small program where individuals (from the community and internationally) can help us sponsor orphans. Under this arrangement, 8 orphans have been fully sponsored: 6 are in nursery and primary, while two have just started their first year at secondary level of education.Nest of Hope games

Nest of Hope gifts


Other projects

Other projects that require your contributions are:

  • HIV/AIDS Awareness program in rural communities
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Prevention and Elimination of Child Labour and forced child marriage
  • Community Sports and development program:
  • Empower youths through training and ensure self sustainability by building vocational centres.
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Nest of Hope is engaged to inspire, build, sustain partners working for resolution of systemic problems which generate poverty or inequity.Camer Buea

  • Education   ( 2 Articles )

    “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” says Nelson Mandela. Education in Cameroon is among the best in Africa. Yet in Cameroon, only 0.4% of children from the poorest households attend school, and those who begin school often drop out after a few years because their families cannot afford to pay for their school-related needs.

  • ICT for development   ( 2 Articles )
    Objective : Empower youths through training and ensure self sustainability by building vocational centers.
    Computing is the modern day engine of economic growth and development. Yet many parts of Africa are being left behind and the digital divide continues to grow. Schools in Buea and peripheries (Ekona, Muea, Tole, Mile 16, Mile 14, Mutengene, Muyuka, etc.) and majority of the population cannot use computers or the Internet. Less than 5% of government offices have access to computers!
  • Health   ( 2 Articles )


    The stigma and the devastating socio-economic consequences of HIV/AIDS pandemic are leaving more and more children and adults homeless in Cameroon. It is not uncommon for people to have to endure hunger, abandonment, beatings, rape, and murder attempts in addition to the symptoms of the disease. Nest of Hope through the help of local Health Centers is trying to make it possible for the local community to have access to affordable health care. Through these Health Centers, health counseling will be provided, free consultation, free medication (some sold at very low cost) to people from Buea and its surrounding villages, Bova, Bonavada, Wotolo, Lower Bonduma, Upper Bonduma, Bokwai, etc.

    We will appreciate any donations of free medication, medical equipment, funds, or anything that can help.


  • The Centre de l'Espoir   ( 3 Articles )
  • Vocational training centre   ( 1 Article )

    Sewing machin trainingNest of Hope conducts resume workshops for adults and youth. In addition, we support orphanages and schools by creating professional development workshops where representatives from universities and trade schools and other professionals are brought in to help these youth understand the opportunities that are available to them. For some individuals, vocational training in computers, textiles, agriculture and other industries provides a means for employment that is otherwise unavailable to many.